Saturday, March 6, 2010

6,692,030,277 and counting!

6,692,030,277 is the population of the world! one thing that I can guarantee about 6,692,030,277 people is that all 6,692,030,277 of them are all different! what an amazing fact. Yes that is a fact. You can take any two people in the whole wide world and of course there are going to be differences between them. Yes even identical twins will have differences! To have 6,692,030,277 people on the world right now and for all them to be different is just baffling to me! How God has done it I guess I shall never know. It's so funny to look at the differences in everyone. It makes us umm us! If there was a machine and you could make a person where you put a little of this and a little of that in there who could make you the best? besides you of course. I guess I would have to say Cory would be able to make the best copy of me. I guess I would be able to make the best copy of cory. that would be actually fun to try and make a copy of someone. "The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you." We all have little quarks and faults with us and some people may be so self conscious of them. I think that we should all embrace them. Well I mean some faults need to be kept at bay, but some just make us who we are. To take a step back and look at me and see what makes me, me! There's a lot to it! I just met this girl like 3 weeks ago and we have gotten super close super fast. What's funny though is when you are first getting to know someone how much you talk to each other about who you are and what you are. Something though that is funny that we all have that I guess I'm trying to get to is fears! We all have them. Some people mainly guys will say oh I'm not afraid of anything. There are like an unlimited amount of fears! Trust me everyone has a fear! so then the question is what is my worst fear! Those that know me already know! They watch you where ever you are. They can come at you from an unlimited amount of different angles. Theres nothing that you can do to defend your self. They can smell fear miles and miles away. They attack when you least expect it. They are....


Nothing scares me more then birds. When people hear that that are like really! Birds!? My answer is YES BIRDS!!!! I've been attacked countless times! Another question that I get often after hearing my fear is... Have you ever seen the movie birds? My reply umm are you serious no way I'm terrified of them with out having seen a scare movie about them, I'm ok. After people hear that I've been attacked they never believe me so I begin to tell them stories. The great things about my attacks (if there is anything great about them at all!) is that there have been witnesses to a lot of them!!! Probably the best attack story I have has two witnesses! Yes not one but two! So therefore it is a story with backing. One of my closest friends basically like a brother to me and my roommate at the time Tanner went and played baseball in Provo. His girlfriend at the time and now wife Andrea went a long in fact it was her idea to go play. So thus I blame her fully for the events that soon follow. Although her calling us up to go play baseball, yes a girl calling guys to go play sports I'm pretty sure help solidify her as Tanners wife! Well us three go to the park ladi da so fun, laughs and smiles! I am pitching to andrea and she us hitting them out to Tanner. Before I continue this story let me help Andrea out. Most people reading this, although I think I just have one reader my wonderful 3rd mother Kathy, but people reading this are picturing this girl having fun with the guys playing baseball. Hitting the ball just a little and they are rolling out to Tanner oh so fun! Ummmm no Andrea is cranking these balls out there. First off she's probably better then me at baseball, not saying much but yea the first time I saw her hit i was like Barry Bonds who? She's not manly either I don't want people picturing that either she's just a normal petite girl that just knows how to hit! Anyways back to the story! So I'm pitching and Andrea is cranking the balls out to Tanner. Well I'm a pretty good pitcher I must say. Not too shabby. But I started getting distracted why.. because this stupid seagull smelled my fear! He started circling us. So all my attention and focus is on this stupid bird. I need to know where it is at at all times!!! Well now this bird is taking away from the game because my head isn't in the game. Andrea is letting me know that she isn't getting the pitches she would like! I mean she takes her baseball very seriously. So Tanner steps up! The hero! He grabs a baseball and throws it at the bird ya know to scare it and send it on it's way. Well either Tanner is the most amazing thrower ever or just a crazy fluke like the Randy Johnson incident, Tanner drills the bird. The thing squawks falls half way out of the sky. Then regains consciousness and starts flying. The thing is ANGRY NOW. Tanner in amazement still that hit the bird is still standing there. Andrea is still waiting for me to pitch to her again. As for me oh no I'm done. I was terrified of this bird when it first showed up. Its now mad what do you think its going to do. My fear brought it here. Its going to go after the weakest of the heard. Like lions going after zebras. This stupid bird starts swooping us! Im leaping and running while screaming. I looked like a ballerina put there. Well I make my way over to two soccer goals pushed together like a cage and I slide in there. Scared out of my mind! Waiting for this bird to fly over and just rip open the netting and kill me! Well Andrea finally leaves the bat and runs and gets in the cage that I have locked my self in. We just left Tanner out there. What is he doing while I'm trying to dig my way to China to escape death, he is throwing more baseballs at this bird. The bird now catching on to Tanners tactics is dodging it. Although Tanner isn't hitting the bird he is keeping it at bay. Tanner made the bird mad but at this moment I owe him my life. So after what seemed forever the bird leaves. Tanner and Andrea drag me out of my safety net and want to play some more. Umm I'm sorry I just had a near death experience I'm ready to go home. Andrea being who she is put her foot down and so 10 seconds later there I find my self again pitching to her. A short while goes away and we're back to some what of a ladi da day again. Some of you might say wow that was the worst attack story ever. First off just that would have scarred me as you can tell pretty much did but that is not the end. I'm in the middle of pitching to Andrea when out of no where she screams "Ty Look Out!" (kind of just like when the girl in Happy Gilmore screams happy look out when he is about to get run over). Well I flip around to see this seagull, yes the very same one, flying at eye level right at me! We lock eyes and all this bird has on his mind I can tell from his look is blood. Not Tanner's though not the guy that drilled him with the ball, but my blood. I turn and take off running. Now those that know me know that I'm not what most people would call fast not even wow he is some what quick. Some times people can't tell if I'm trying to run or just walking fast! Well at this moment you could have put me in the olympics and I would have put Bolt to shame! I'm running with everything I had. Yet I can hear the flapping of his wings getting closer. Now when you are afraid of birds and you are being chased by one that is the worst sound in the world. That sounds still haunts me to this day. At this moment I realize my shoes are loose, so I kick them off to reach my top gear. This whole time all I can hear besides the flapping of the nearing wings is Tanner yelling "Run Tyler RUUUNNN!!!" with a little laughter in his voice of course. Well the bird is gaining on me so to try and out smart it I make a huge U-turn in the field. Now I'm Running towards Tanner and Andrea. Well the stupid thing follows the same path that I made. Now the laughter that was in Tanner's voice has changed into somewhat of concern now. I've reached a speed that i have never reached before. My tears, yes tears I'm officially crying now, are flying backwards off my cheeks. I sprint past Tanner and run all the way to the bathrooms. The bird lands outside of the door and waits. I'm in the bathroom about to pass out from exhaustion and pure fear. When I hear Andrea scream. I peek out of the bathroom and there are like 30 seagulls flying and swooping those two out in the field. I feel my legs start to get weak. My mind racing trying to think of what I should do. Not about saving them they have to save themselves. I'm trying to think of what to do to save me! I don't know what I'm thinking but I take off for Tanner's car. While I'm running I'm screaming, because I can't say yelling because it is far too high pitched to call it that, Tanner open your car open your car. I reach his car and... its not open. So I instantly hit the pavement and roll under the car for cover. Then I start having a panic attack in fear that a bird is going to find me and get under the car with me and kill me. Finally I hear the car unlock. As I'm rolling out from under the car I see Andrea sprinting to the car with keys in hand. We both jump into the car. She's kind of like wow that was crazy a little scared. I'm trying to find my breath while crying at the same time. Poor Tanner is trying to pick up all the balls gloves and bats. We just watch as he is getting swooped he gets it all and takes off for the car. Now this next part is hard to believe trust me. It was hard for me to believe and I was there! The birds started swooping the car and pooping all over the thing. Tanner gets in and these birds are just pooping all over the car. Tanner puts the car in drive and we take off leaving the carnage behind us and dashing for home. It's a day that will live with me forever!


So funny. that's just one thing that makes me. Theres billions of people out there but we all our just one person! A song by Brad Paisley says you may think you are one of millions but you are one in a million to me. We all have to remember that we are all different, and the things that make us different whether they be personality traits, talents, FEARS, whatever they may be they are us and what a great blessing from God! We need to embrace who we are and just laugh at it! I'm me and I love being me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The ups and downs of life and being a rebel fan!

Last night I was able to witness the Rebels win against Air Force! Great day! We're all happy we go out we are on top of the world! Now if we took it back to a week or so ago when Utah was in town and we lost! It was a whole other scene! None of us were happy we were all mad. None of us went out we all went home just not a good day! I'm just as bad as all my friends and we all get so worked up, mad, and depressed haha. It's not funny at the time because we are all mad, but to look back at it now it's so funny to me how mad we all get. In life you are either 1 of the two building blocks in life. Either A) we act for your self or B) were acted upon! now it's common sense to pick which one we should be in. That being category A although we seem to end up in category B oh too often. Me and all my friends are in category B when it comes to the rebels sadly enough. I guess you could call us obsessed haha. I picked up a saying on the mission to help me through hard times especially when it came to companions "the milk has been spilt!" That of course dealing with don't cry over spilt milk. When something happened that would have me upset or something I would say that to my self being the fact theres nothing I can do about the situation its already happened, it's time to move on continue with life. So many times it seems we let some hiccup in life totally derail us. When in fact we should just put it behind us and move on. One thing I could say I'm good at is seeing the funny side in a situation and just laughing about things. This though at times makes people involved in the situation upset them being in the B category at the time haha. An example of that being...

My companion, Elder Henri, and I had met this young couple for chinese. She was a member and he was not and we were teaching him. Well my companion did not like getting embarrassed at all. (so him being put with me not the greatest mix. me being a goof most of the time!) well jack was sitting across from me and amelia was sitting across from Elder Henri. Elder Henri had ordered some dumplings as seen above in the picture. We were sitting there talking about Jacks lessons and setting up a time for him when we could baptize him. Well Elder Henri picks up a dumpling with his chop sticks and bites into it. When he did so it blew up on the other side and the filling and the juices shoot out like a dang gun! They go all over Amelia like she just took a shower. Needless to say her white shirt was now brown and her face and hair were all wet. Elder Henri was a shade of red that I didn't even know was in existence. He couldn't even speak. Amelia was sitting there with juice dripping from her nose. ( I don't know what was in those dumplings, or how they cooked them, but man they sure can soak a person!) Jack was grabbing napkins to wipe her off. Then theres Elder Huntsman. Now picture my point of view. I had just looked up at Elder Henri when he bit into the exploding dumpling. I watched as the backside of the dumpling came bursting open. I then watched as the insides traveled that short distance across the table through the air. Making contact directly on Amelia's face. Elder Henri completely embarrassed for soaking her. Her being embarrassed for being covered in the stuff but more so because she knows that Elder Henri is probably devastated. Jack he too feeling embarrassed for the two of them. Well here I am a by stander. But heck that was hilarious. I was laughing soooo hard! Tears are just rolling down my cheeks. The whole restaurant of chinese people are all focusing on this one white kid in a shirt and tie laughing hysterically! Amelia and Jack started laughing because I was and the situation wasn't bad at all. Well for the most part Elder Henri wasn't the happiest camper at my laughing, but what can you do it was hilarious!

Another story about making the best of the situation and doing our best to stay in category A is...

Cory and I had travled from Provo to Park City to watch the BYU game at our buddy Eric's house. It's about a 30 minute drive most. Unless you are Eric then it takes about 2 hours. But hey is just a very cautious driver haha! Well any ways we leave and it's night time. I drove out there and it was my first time being a driver out there. Well it's just Cory and I in my car and we are headed back. Usually when we drive we have the music a bumpin' and just having a good ol' time. We were trying to hurry to meet these girls and go to a party with them. So.... we're cruising along and we run into some construction that goes for miles and we are stuck in between two semi-trucks. The construction has caused to be squished to one lane! We were like there was no construction on the way out, they must have set this up rather quickly we were only there for a few hours. Well that construction took forever and we were going so slow due to the semis. Well finally it opens up and we fly by the semis and again are just cruising. The construction and the trucks didn't bother us too bad because we were just in deep conversation. well its now been about an hour and a half. Cory says man I can't believe we haven't hit Provo yet and I was like yea I know that construction really set us back a ways. Well 10 minutes later I see this sign...

I see this and I think to my self "why the heck would they have a welcome to wyoming sign in the middle of Utah? " This doesn't even phase me. I just keep on driving and talking with Cory. All of the sudden Cory sees a sign. Now Cory served quite a bit of time on his mission in Wyoming. He sees a sign to a city that he had heard of while serving his mission. He goes "Oh My Gosh! We Are In Wyoming!!!" I reply with "That's Why the Sign said Welcome To Wyoming!!!" Hahahaha! The first thing we do is we start laughing soo hard! Both of can't breath. Wyoming was almost the death place of Cory and Tyloy because we were laughing so hard. We weren't even looking for an exit at this time we were just laughing at the situation so bad. We had driven an hour and a half north when we should've traveled 30 min south from Park City. It was one of the best nights though. We had a really good conversation and it was just some good needed time between two best friends. Needless to say we lost three hours of the night. We missed the party, and used up a lot of gas! In the end though it was great. We could've easily let that put us into category B but instead we realized theres not much we could do we were already in wyoming so might as well enjoy it.

Life is all about ups and downs. Its our job to act for our selves and not let life choose how we are acting or feeling. We have to make the best out of bad situations! Nothing does that better then to just laugh at the situation instead of crying about it. So instead of crying over spilt milk lets laugh over spilt milk. life will be that much sweeter for us all. Not saying that I never get mad. The next rebel loss will probably make me upset yet again, but I have to try my best to just move on. Because in the end "The Milks Been Spilt!"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Past Present Future!

So this blog isn't so much about Tyloy, but more about what's going on in Tyloy's head. (this could be scary to a lot! but hey its all about expression!) I was with yet another brother of mine Tanner. He has a one year old son going on two here pretty soon. I was thinking how crazy life is! How Tanner used to be a one year old and now he has a one year old. I was thinking how weird that must be for his mom (mom #3 for me!). Whats funny is when I see bums on the street or like a show about bad people even such as Hitler I picture them as a child. Hitlers parents had this son who they loved and he probable like most kids was a cute sweet boy. They would've never guessed that he was to grow up to be one of the most infamous tyrants in history. Our life revolves around time. Yet we can't control it, it never stops. The present instantly turns to the past and the future instantly to the present.


This is still on topic don't worry! When I was 14 or 15 me and my best friend Cory went to my grandmas in Idaho. We didn't have our license, but then you don't need a license to drive grandpa's golf cart! Well we are cruising on the lovely streets of the neighborhood beeping at girls of course. We were hot stuff in that thing. Well Cory is driving and a car is coming down the road so to get out of the way Cory turns down a dirt road. We were gonna wait but I mean it's a dirt road! So we head down this road not knowing where the heck it goes. Well all of a sudden theres a sign that says "slow". I say "Cory why does the sign say slow?" His reply "I don't know." Hey that works for me so we keep going. Well we turn the corner right after that dang sign and I swear it was like we had reached the end of the earth. The dirt road, now all of a sudden paved goes straight down! It's too late for us to do anything. (well for cory to do anything I was helpless and a passenger through this whole ordeal.) We are flying down this road. This is a new speed record for any golf cart ever. I'm screaming like a little fairy. I'm yelling at Cory to hit the brakes. He's screaming at me saying shut up I am hitting the brakes. Pretty much the brakes were nonexistent! Halfway down the mountain is a hairpin turn to go straight down the rest of the mountain. We are in a top heavy golf cart we're done for! I think when I see the turn is when my scream becomes more high pitched and I start crying. There's nothing I can do my life is in Cory's hands. (those are good hands to be in but they could've been in batman's hands for all i care and i still would've been in the same state!) Well we reach that turn and I don't know how he did it still to this day! There was a gate that was open right through the turn leading to a driveway. He steers through the turn and through the gate. Well we haven't lost any speed if anything we are going faster. We now have three choices. Go straight which from our view was a cliff incase we wanted to reach the bottom of the mountain faster that what we already were. To the right is this beautiful home. Yea its beautiful but it's not made of pillows! to the left was the mountain. By now I'm hitting a note not even Mariah Carey could hit. I turn to Cory and he looks at me and it was like in a movie when your saying goodbye because this is the end of the road we don't say a word we just know what the other is thinking! well he chooses the door to the left! Before the mountain was a curb about 6 inches high we hit hard and everything went to slow motion. Golf balls and tees are flying up in the air hitting us. I hear golf clubs clanking and flying. Bushes are coming coming in through the sides of the cart. We go a bit up the mountain and then we roll backwards and stop against the curb. We sit there for a second breathing like we just ran a mile! Both of us have our heads leaned back looking up at the roof. Then we start to laugh! We lived through it! We loaded up the cart, made sure it was A OK and then headed back up the hill. I always try to picture the people in the house if they were looking out of their window what they would've saw. Two boys flying out of control on a runaway golf cart down their driveway into a mountain haha!

Now back to the topic. That story is how I think of life. It's going no matter what you do. You may see warning signs, but you have to act quickly other wise away you go. You usually don't know what lies ahead. Some times your life is put in the hands of those you keep around you. That is one of the best memories of my life! It could've been the last memory of my life, but it wasn't. When Cory and I set out in the cart we weren't planning on testing the brakes! I think a lot of times we as the natural man try so hard to slow things down to make sure we have a plan ahead or to try to make the present always define the future. If my dad is reading this right now he is saying to himself that I'm the worst at that. I'm always wanting my future to be decided by the present. When a lot of times who knows what the future holds. We have to make sure we take care of the present and take care of the future as it comes. The present never directly defines the future. Growing up my little sister right under me Amy and I hated each other. All the way up until i left on my mission. We did not like each other at all. My parents will be the first to vow for that. If you asked me then what I thought our relationship would be like in the later years I would've said we wouldn't talk I could careless about what she was doing. That would've been my answer by definition of how the present was.

Yet here we are. This taken a month ago as close as can be. We talk all the time. We hang out!!! I don't think anyone would have ever guessed! I love her to death! I care what she does. I guess the one good thing about continually moving down this road called time is we can always change it! Cory and I could've given up going down the hill, but instead we did what we could to brighten our future! We have to make the best of today to reach the best of tomorrow! Oh the lessons of life!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A boys life with no brothers!

My grandpa Duane said you should only be able to count your closest friends on one hand! Those people that you count are the people that you could call no matter when what where why and they would be there for you. I'm a very social person and I have tons of friends. So I took a step back and thought who are the five people that fall under that. It made it easy when I thought to my self, being a boy with no brothers who are the guys that are my brothers. Who are the guys that have I guess in turn helped mold Tyloy into Tyloy! Once I came up with that I found 5 guys pretty fast.

My cousins Rikky and Ryan. These guys are as close to real brothers as I guess you can get. All three of us being with in three years from each other. We grew up with each other. We just went out for a midnight breakfast earlier this week and we were just laughing and telling stories of the "Good Old Days" I love these guys to death. Rikky now married with a kid and Ryan to be married this coming month our lives are moving on yet we are still close as can be!

Then there's was Petey my closest non related brother. We have been best friends for over two thirds of my life. Yea I calculated that! We have been through it all! So much we've been through yet so much still  is to come. We met in 2nd grade and never looked back. We do and will always have each others backs.

Who could forget Davis. We knew each other through high school, but never were best friends until we moved in together up in college right after high school. That created a duo that will be best friends until the day we die. Ever since then we have been like white on rice. I'd do anything for this kid and he'd do anything for me.

Then Good Ol' Greg. I met him through Rikky and Ryan we have been friends for a while. We didn't become super close until right before our missions and then were like inseperable after our missions. He's for sure up there with the other four right now in my life.

I guess this is a pretty random first post on my blog, but when I was sitting here thinking of what to put and my grandpas advice shot in my head. Then I figured these 5 guys are what has made me who I am at this point. So I had to give credit where credit is due. So I guess the question to everyone else is who are your single hand friends? I love all 5 of these guys and would do anything for them. I thank them for everything they have done for me. May the memories continue to flow!